APOGEE Begins its Survey of Stars and their Formation of the Elements in the Milky Way

17 10 2011

The Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet followed the APOGEE team as they installed the APOGEE camera on the SDSS telescope and first used the system to detect light from stars in the Milky Way. The very first spectroscopic images clearly reveal the different elements that make up these stars and start telling the story of how generations of stars in our galaxy created the elements that make our Solar System and life itself possible.

The APOGEE story starts at the 2:15 minute mark.



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14 08 2013
Philip akin

IS it possible that a black hole would work like a cyclone and take in light and then expel it some place in time like a theory of (say a worm hole type explanation )? Instead of condensing into a mass , take light beyond the speed of light or distort its speed to twice the speed of light and then expel it somewhere In different time continuem

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